Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Time For Action Is Here

You may have quite naturally concluded from the absence of posts over the last several weeks that the old Smoking Gun had fired its last round, that it smoked no more, that it was defunct, deceased, that it had passed on and joined the choir invisible of dead and abandoned blogs.  If so, how wrong you were.

The Gun has been silent because it has been undergoing a metamorphosis.  It’s no longer concerned with telling the truth about the Dirty Half-Dozen and the evils of herbicide-resistant crops.  It’s going into action mode.

One of the co-founders of Occupy Wall Street  was also one of the first to realize that “Protest is broken.”  Traditional methods of protest no longer work, and the ballot box is useless because a majority of politicians on both sides have sold out to the super-rich.  Revolution is impossible because although our population is more heavily armed than any other, and although our country owes its very existence to a revolution, the will for it simply does not exist anymore.  What’s left?  Shall we all go home, switch on the TV, and see what the Kardashians are up to today?

Never!  We simply have to use our intelligence and ingenuity to figure out new ways of action—a whole series of limited, targeted, specific actions that will continually switch targets to confuse and baffle the forces of the establishment.  The first of these is already under way and this blog will be reporting on this and other similar actions as they develop.  It will also serve as an arena for suggesting future actions and discussing their likely effectiveness, as well as for gathering information required for the implementation of such actions.

This change in focus requires a change in policy with regard to comments.  Hitherto I have allowed all comments pro or contra, in other words the traditional “debate” formula for a comments section.  Now I shall give precedence to comments that materially advance the action program.  Negative comments on the program will not be published.  Much as I support freedom of speech, pro-GMOers have plenty of outlets for their views already—they don’t need more.

The primary focus of the blog remains unchanged—the combatting of herbicide-resistant crops—for the present, at least.  But Pope Francis’s latest encyclical, Laudato Si has shown us that all the evils afflicting our world today form part of a complex interconnected web.  Wherever we see a weakness in that web, we should attack it.

Stay tuned.  Become part of the action.  It’s already happening.  The time for sitting on our butts yacking about the horrors of pesticides is over.  Daily updates from now on.  There will be tangible things you can do to help in the struggle.


  1. I hope you give me just one more comment before I gladly turn away and run from this abhorant idea you have about opposition silencing. Maybe not, but here goes:

    Anti-GMO circles are generally absurd echo-chambers. Heads nodding in unison in agreement over the most absurdly false ideas. The only thing most anti-GMO people can come up with as a defense is "ARE YOU PAID BY MOSANTO???!!!"

    I'm not sure why you are interested in this path. But you should tread forward with the knowledge that silencing opposition for the cause of marching blindly forward with your preconceived presumption of fact...well it's reminiscent of late 1930's Europe in certain spots.

    You're joining the ranks of the food babe and Mom's Across America. When anybody asks question that are damaging to the cause, ban them from commenting.

    If the cause can't take the criticism, it''s probably not a worthy cause.

    Worthy causes are all based on truth. Truth isn't afraid of critics.

    If iron sharpens iron, then you are putting yourself on the path of the dull.

    Congrats on your new format. You are proving to be exactly what I feared you were but hoped you were not. Have fun preaching to the choir.

  2. The only things I can guarantee you WON'T see on this site are all the things you say you WILL see. Including "preaching to the choir. I agree, that's what's been screwing us up. Keep an open mind and just see for yourself what develops here.