Friday, January 23, 2015

Forthcoming Attractions

In my next post I was going to talk about Stephanie Seneff.  But so much is happening that I’ll have to postpone that.  Here's a brief summary of things I will be covering.

Wednesday night I attended an event sponsored by the Center for Food Safety.  A lot happened there that I’ll tell you about.  Hawaii is ground zero for the GMO fight, and I’m right there.  We put on quite a show at this year’s opening of the State Legislature and they’re going to have to deal with the future of GMOs here in this session.  Expect fireworks.

There’s another smoking-gun article out, but whoever put the news on the internet badly fumbled the ball—this should be a learning moment for anti-GMOers.  

On NPR this morning there was a speaker who said that all the coral in the Caribbean was dying everywhere but in Cuba, where it is not only growing but spreading.  Why?  You'll see details here as soon as I can find the time to check them.

In about 50 minutes, DV, I’ll be talking on Skype with Andre Leu, corresponding author on the Swanson et al. paper.  I have a lot of questions. I’ll tell you the results.

Tomorrow I’m lunching with Vandava Shiva, the famed Indian activist, Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the Center for Food Safety, and twenty-odd others of like mind.  I’ll report on that too.

Next week the local Cambridge Alumni group will hear a talk by University of Hawaii law professor David Callies on "GMOs: where and how to regulate:  home rule and state preemption.”  Should be some ammunition for the coming fight.

May take the weekend for me to cover all this, but I'll try.

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